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Gain Total Command of Your Incident Right At Your Fingertips

Take your TotalCommand simulation training to the next level with the TotalCommand app. The app assists with commanding incidents, assigning and tracking units. With departments getting larger and incidents becoming more complex, using a pen and paper to accurately manage incidents has become cumbersome with more room for errors. TotalCommand app allows the incident commander to see everything at once by keeping all relevant information on the same page. No need to switch between pages to check the status of an incident!


Live Syncing

Coming Soon: TotalCommand app will share live information between tablets in real time. This will allow department users to follow along with incidents and also will assist with department training.


TotalCommand app uses a simple and intuitive single screen design to allow commanders to effectively manage incidents. Using drag and drop technology, assigning units and creating divisions and groups is made simple.

Time Tracking

TotalCommand app accurately tracks and logs incident times. An incident clock is visible at all times. TotalCommand app also has an integrated customizable PAR timer. Using customizable deteriorating colors for assigned units, the incident commander knows the working times of units with a quick look. Every action made by the incident commander is automatically time stamped and logged. Logs can be viewed and emailed at any time during or after an incident.

Easily Customized

TotalCommand app is fully customizable to a specific department – from creating time stamped check lists to adding department specific groups and divisions.

Configure To Your Needs

TotalCommand app can be configured to any department’s needs. The user can add or change units, assignments, checklists, and adjust timers for PAR’s and assigned units.


TotalCommand app was designed with reliability and dependability as a priority. TotalCommand app logs all interactions instantly on a backup file. If a crash or equipment failure should occur, TotalCommand app will reload and continue from the last recorded point. The app does not require the use of a web connection, and can be used at any time without a connection.

TotalCommand App Features In Action

Practice Using TotalCommand App with a Simulated Scenario


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